Saturday, October 25, 2008

Debt equity ratios

The plan now has to be a judicious mix of equity and debt in one's portfolio, plus a good element of real estate if not already there. You have to insure against capital erosion and give yourself a steady income with some element of debt in your portfolio. Bank FDs are offering 10+% now and FMPs are around the same, though with the potential for tax savings. However, FMPs carry some risk these days since you dont know the quality of corporate debt, but what doesnt carry risk :P

For the equity component, fresh investments have to be staggered over the next few months among Nifty Bees ETF and frontline stocks like L&T, NTPC, ITC, RIL, SBI, HDFC Bank, Bharti and maybe Jaiprakash.

At any given time, ensure that six months' salary is in Bank FD for emergency usage or if you get fired :-)

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