Saturday, September 13, 2008

My New picks

I added Both UB Holdings and Mcdowell holdings,Premier Explosives,IFB Agro,Rohit ferro,Adhunik Metals,Austin Engineer.
Both UB holdings and Mcdowell holdings have corrected by over 80% in the last 7 months.
The intrinsic value of Mcdowell holdings is about Rs.300. The stock is trading at Rs.120/-. This is a debt free company with a small capital base of 12 crores. The margin of safety at the current price is at 60%. The downward risk is low. They hold sizable chunks in United Breweries ltd, UB engineering and UB holdings ltd.
UB holdings is the holding company for United Spirits, United breweries,Kingfisher Airlines,etc. This stock is also attractively priced.
Both are value stocks. United Spirits is in recent news. They plan to dispose their treasury stocks and the market buzz is that the company is expecting in the range of Rs.1750+ for the stocks. UB has over 50% of market share in India .
Both Rohit Ferro and Adhunik metals do enjoy iron ore mining rights. The upside on the mining business is not fully factored in the pricing.Rohit ferro is available at an attractive PE of 3.
Austin engineers manufactures gears for the various huge machineries used in Sugar,Power and other infrastructure industries. The share is available at an attractive PE of 5.
My picks are basically for long term. If you are willing to hold on for a period of 18-24 months, the expected returns on CAGR basis will be in the range of 25%.

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ShareKhan said...

Hey KK sir, good to see you back and investing. Thanks for the details, I have decided to track and buy McDowell and Rohit Ferro on any decline.